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Ag - Element 47

Geneva Collections is pleased to present a selection of objects made of silver, the element 47, which has fascinated mankind since time immemorial. We invite you to browse through these items. Our team is here for any requests you may have.
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Founded in 2022 by two passionate collectors, Mike and Paul, Geneva Collections is your new marketplace for collectibles, art and luxury goods.

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Geneva Collections

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Geneva Collections has just opened its office in the very center of Geneva’s old town at cour de Saint-Pierre 5.

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Ag Element 47

Silver, element 47 on the periodic table, has long been cherished for its lustrous beauty and versatility, becoming an integral part of human history, notably as jewelry, tableware and coinage.

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Maria Kiesner Geneva Collections

Contemporary January

In collaboration with Greg Podgorski, Geneva Collections is thrilled to present you our Contemporary January. To start 2024 on a fresh note we've curated an exhibition featuring the works of two talented artists, Maria Kiesner and Marta Kochanek.

Geneva Collections


On December 12, 1602, the Duke of Savoy launched a surprise attack on the city of Geneva in the dead of night. The defense of the city by its citizens, surprised by this "Escalade" from their walls, marked a crucial turning point in Geneva's history.

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