About Us

Mike moved to Switzerland as a child. He has always been interested in history, especially the history of Geneva. His passion for antiques came from his grandfather who was a collector.

At the age of 12, Mike started to go to flea markets in search of lost treasures. After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Corporate Finance and working in various international organisations, he continued to pursue his passion until it became his main professional activity.

Mike has worked as a consultant for several Swiss auction houses and has an extensive knowledge of numismatics, watches and antique silver.

Paul was born in Geneva into a family of avid collectors and auctioneers. His childhood spent in auction rooms and collecting quickly led him to be fascinated by the story each object tells and developed his taste for detail.

A collector of comic books and pop culture items since childhood, he soon became interested in ancient coins. These miniature reflections of societies allow him to touch history with a capital H.

After studying International Relations in Geneva, he was employed for eight years as an expert and catalogue editor in a prestigious international numismatic house.

Mike and Paul met at an auction over 10 years ago. From this long friendship was born in 2022 the Geneva Collections project, a unique platform that opens new opportunities for all passionate collectors.


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